Rate That Tweet – Gods of Swag

@Maj0rSquishy :: 5 am. When drunk is just pathetic. #ratethattweet

@Maj0rSquishy :: Only in LA are these serious directions “Just hop two fences and you’re there.” #ratethattweet

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: You know its love when he complements your rack even when your wearing a sports bra https://ERNIEandJESSE.com http://twitpic.com/5cfbdh

@Payback321 :: Experiencing a healthy hangover…Amen. Hadn’t been out since March!… #Committed

@pa_ra_mo :: LMAO @MEanErnie @jesseFdaniels i just saw on tmz the random wheel of topics! www.ernieandjesse.com

@MissBeautyinsta :: Sometimes I think about learning an instrument. Then I realize its hard… Then I see french fries & forget what I was thinking about.

@HollyValentine :: Costco. Samples. :)

@DonnyFontaine :: There’s 2 types of people in this world. Those who drive VW Rabbits and those who don’t.

@jesseFdaniels :: When you say ur in between jobs its cuz ur unemployed… wen i say it, i mean it literally.

@rstevens :: Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Reading Rainbow created a generation of super-villains.

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: New sheets $50, wrist X-ray at Urgent Care $30, Ace bandage $13, bragging rites for my husband priceless http://t.co/pKxERIB #RateThatTweet

@Team_Silva :: College graduations, where hynas and hyenas show up

@JulieRasmussen :: Dear Children, when you look in your closet, what exactly are you planning to do when you find me? Sincerely, The Monster.

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