Rate That Tweet – Hearts and Things

@heathernicol89 :: yes i’m watching mighty morphin power rangers. don’t judge me, you know “go go power rangers” just went through your mind. #ratethattweet

@LatinoPolitics :: Y Tu Mamá También in my pants #improvefilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants

@JFreshReed :: Y is there Canadian Bacon on Hawaiian Pizza??? #ThinkAboutIt #RatethatTweet ERNIEandJESSE.com #NoPic the pizza was too good

@MH1010 :: Maybe its just me but i cant take anyone named after a city, state or country seriously.

@Dj_Kreate :: #WordsThatGet Annoying & Over used EPIC / FAKE /ITS FUNNY HOW / JUST SAYING/ SWAGG & FAIL

@TitaniumToplass :: There’s three things I’m really good at. Number 1) not elaborating.

@GYNGERLUV_EBarb :: I want to create a search engine called tap, so when ppl want 2 search somethin they say “hold on let me tap tht”

@GYNGERLUV_EBarb :: Checking your phone to see what time it is and checking it again because the first time you werent paying attention

@dick_mustache :: Remember kids It’s not HISpes It’s HERpes

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: You say it best when you say nothing at all…so please, please…SHUT THE FUCK UP! http://t.co/pKxERIB #RateThatTweet

@paramo_0 :: Remeber being told not to be next to the microwave? Y didnt we ever think then y am I gunna put my food in there #mankindfail #ratethattweet

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: The #fourwordsaftersex you don’t want to hear “Really, it was fine.”

@djLyNTeK816 :: Just finished my “Latin Dance Party” workout… Im sweatin like a whore in church… Ahhh.. time to shower #ifeelGOOD #THANKYOUonDEMAND

@tiggahtigz :: Video: The Honey Badger is a BAD ASS BITCH! http://tumblr.com/x4f3h3ou93

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