Rate That Tweet – INTERMXradio Takeover

@heathernicol89 :: Dear Life, fuck you and your whole operation. With love, Heather #ratethattweet

@Team_Silva :: Hobos laying on park benches = Original planksters http://t.co/nmf67H2

@carolinecarlos :: My life would be so much easier while doing laundry if socks just understood the concept of the buddy system!

@BBoyNibbles :: Who run the world? If you gonna claim it, act it. Fine line between chivalry & snitchery.

@MrCodeineFiend :: I got 99 problems but a kid ain’t one.- Casey Anthony

@TheSingleWoman :: If you’ve got it, u don’t have to tell everyone you’ve got it. Fabulous speaks for itself. #TrueSwagDoesntBrag #TheSW

@calipsothegreat :: Kfc’s Mac and cheeses is just not the same no more #DissapointedTweet#

@iTweetFacts :: Because of TWITTER….it seems as if #ihavenotolerance for sleep

@JulieRasmussen :: Remember when staying up until midnight was the most badass thing in the world?

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