Rate That Tweet – He’s Got Jokes

@MsPanamaBOMB :: Perfect #TittyTuesday http://twitpic.com/5wbumi

@paramo_0 :: haha family guy… where its ok to laugh at a drunk baby

@FiloandPeri :: if women ruled the world, there would be no wars, just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other. LOL. jk ladies…we <3 u

@nickOLIGY :: Here in the studio with @JesseFdaniels @meanernie and @paulinechris time to bring the funny! Oooo weeee!!!

@GQJEDI :: Are u from Ireland bc when I look at you my penis is Dublin #PickUpLines

@TheRealLadyLuck :: I leave the seat up in the ladies room so the next girl gets scared.

@ExcelBeats :: Sick and tired of my computer being the only one getting naps and cookies

@DamnTeenQuote :: It used to be, “Can I have your number”? Now it’s, “Do you have facebook?”

@LarryJMiller :: A Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner ad just came on to a site I was reading. Loud voice, music, annoying. Is this the future of the internet?

@AlexRCarbajal :: Black kids on my block love saying “nigga, please!”. I don’t like hearing them say that word. They sound like real pussies saying “please”.

@nickOLIGY :: Damn fabio took the old spice guy ( iasah mustafa’s) job??? Ahh well he’s doing movies and interracial harlequin romance novel covers.

@jesseFdaniels :: Read morning feed on facebook. Caught some morning Tweets, then went to my Text Messages & expected to refresh them like a #SocialMediaWhore

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