Flirting Weight – The maximum weight you feel comfortable flirting

Nerdster – An offshoot of Hipster, a person who knows about the latest and greatest things in the nerd community (e.g. superhero movies, video games, comic books) and is either amazed or disgusted by the fact that you had not also known of these things.

FRP – Abbreviation for Fucking Rich People. Usually said in disgust or amazement due to someone’s lavish or garish possessions

#NoPromo – A qualifying statement said after saying something that could be misconstrued as self promotion

Bulldickulous – Half Bullshit, Half Rediculous

Rebuttal Rape – Raping someone as an act of defense of them attempting to rape you

Redboxed – When a woman’s menstruation prohibits sexual activity

Verbal NASCAR – Person who puts advertisement in their everyday speech

Mantastic – Something appealing to only guys in the most stereotypical macho way

The Tarzan Move – Not ending one relationship before starting the next like when swinging on vines you don’t let go of one until you have a grip on the next

Mexifro – When a hispanic does not comb his hair but does not need to comb his hair because it poofs up on it’s own and is naturally styled without any effort

Faux-lo – When someone tries to act and/or look like a Cholo (usually hispanic, street gang member) but is obviously not tough enough to be one

Cupcakes – When a girl wears a bra that is too small and there appears to be a shelf of extra boobs above the actual boobs.

iJ – A DJ who cannot mix music themselves but simply uses a music media program or a premixed set of tracks and takes credit for them.

Quadboob – When a girl has too much boob and not enough bra and there appears to be another set of boobs between the actual breasts and arms

FRANKSLAP – When you slap someone so hard they fall to the ground and you continue walking forward stepping over them

Cookiedough – When a girl wears a tube top that is too small and has fat squeezed out of the bottom and over the top of the shirt

ASSNUT – An insult to degrade someone; the result of eating nuts (or an item containing many nuts e.g. chunky peanut butter) where the nut is not completely digested and a nut can be clearly visually identified on your posterior. note: the nut inside of fecal matter is different than an assnut, an assnut MUST be ON the ass

Trashigram – Using the website Instagram to talk trash about someone or to post trashy/slutty pictures

Lawyered – Shouted when you prove someone wrong to emphasize the fact that you win From the show “How I Met Your Mother”

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