Broken Watch

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Last year for my birthday a buddy of mine gave me a watch. It was apparently a really great brand and was “supposed to be” VERY expensive. I am not the kind of guy who normally gets expensive things for himself and thus I didn’t really feel I needed a watch, especially since my phone tells me what time it is. However, I did like saving my battery and the watch means something to me now so I constantly wear it. Two problems arose from the watch; I have an idea of how much it cost and it has now broken 3 times.

I don’t really think there is much harm in knowing how much the watch cost, but when I’m giving a present, I like to play that detail as close to the vest as possible. The problem came when my buddy was telling me about his own watch. One piece of the puzzle came when he said his own watch should be about $950 but he was able to get it for $95. Much later in the conversation, later enough that he didn’t realize the clues he was giving me. He said, “Your watch should be about $800. Don’t worry, I didn’t pay THAT much.” Guess who knows how much his watch cost you now buddy? Knowing the price isn’t a huge problem, just a little outside the normal rules for manners when giving a gift.

The next problem came when I went swimming with it. “It’s water resistant, you’ll be fine!” my buddy said. Turns out resistant just means it will hold out for a bit, but if you go swimming for a few hours and keep going to the deep end, water will collect in your watch. Then one day, the second hand came off. No idea why. I was able to get that repaired, but because my buddy got the watch off this website, I wasn’t entitled to the lifetime warranty. I paid $20 to fix it.

Well it’s a few months later and the second hand is off again. I now need to either wear a watch that doesn’t work, or deal with a slight tan line around my wrist. I can also buy a new watch just in case this one breaks and to mix and match, but I would probably go to the same cheap website again and have the same quality of product again. I probably will do that as I did like the watch and I have a new urge for a good watch, but for tomorrow? I’ll just have a white reminder that I need to go to the repair shop after work.

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