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Maybe this is mean, but should two guys who don’t know anything about hair be talking about hair? You guys usually get mad when they talk about sports, why not hair? I mean, this is ALSO a topic they know nothing about! I love ERNIE, but he can be pretty ignorant about hair. How could either of them know anything? One combs his hair like his stylist tells him and the other lets his barber put “his own style” on his head. I mean come on!

ERNIE doesn’t know anything about hair and if anyone should appreciate all that I have to go through, it’s him. There are days when he waits more than 10 min to comb his hair and it starts to dry in every direction, he can never get it back. Watching him try to comb his hair after it has been dried too long is like watching a Kindergarten teacher with too many students: As soon as one is put in their place, there goes another one. He’s OK with that, and I love that about him, but I cannot do the same thing. He gets a little impatient when I am doing my morning routine. If he meets me at my house, he usually has to find some way to use up another 10 min before I am done. But if I’m the one going to his house? I walk in and he, “just needs to put on his shoes and comb his hair.” He is cute when he tries to help, but most of the time his answer is for me to ask his stylist. I’m always torn on bringing him to the store with me to buy shampoo. Sorry honey, but not all of us have that 1 shampoo that does everything we need. The good parts are great though when it comes to my hair! He tells me it looks good on days when I don’t think it does. He asks me to do my hair the way he likes it (which is actually easy for me, just down) and he makes me feel so pretty. I don’t know if I could handle it if he cared THAT much about his hair.

Whoever JESSE is dating has to hate it. I wonder if he spends more time in front of the mirror than her. I guess he can’t right? He never has time. I think it’s good that he knows what he wants and can do that little something that will make him feel that much more confident all day. I feel you JESSE (even though he probably doesn’t read this). I feel bad when ERNIE makes fun of his hair line. I don’t think there is a problem with it. He makes it look good. I’d also like to think that a man who spends THAT much time taking care of his hair and buying the right products does the same for his baby and his woman.

These guys talk about a lot of things. It’s pretty surprising the variety of things they know about and have opinions on. I hope they have tons of success and money so that they never have to worry about their hair or anything ever again. I also hope they understand that when it comes to talking about HAIR, they should treat it like sports and keep it off the air. Fellas, leave the hair issues to people WITH the issues!

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