Rate That Tweet – Grenades & GRENADES

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@mcatherwood :: What’s less believable, that Kim Kardahian wears sketchers or that she has a white trainer?

@KimKardashian :: Look what I just drove by in NYC! Sooo cool @Skechers! http://twitpic.com/3xux64

@Kasee_ :: Dear drunk girls, yelling for every song doesn’t make u sluts cool. Chill the fuck out!!

@JaniceLlamoca :: Raise your hand if you’ve stayed in your car after you’ve parked because your favorite song is playing.

@SethMacFarlane :: This Super Bowl halftime event looks like the talent show from Revenge of the Nerds.

@mcatherwood :: Wait wait wait. The Black Eyed Peas get thirty minutes and the Medal of Honor winner gets a few passing seconds!!! Come on now.

@PaulineChris :: In my opinion da Daytona 500 commercials r so disturbing wtf is wrong with u w making ur commercials all abt dying? http://ernieandjesse.com

@MEanErnie :: Isn’t being 2008 the same as being 2000 & late by now? I mean it’s 2011 meaning you’re so 3 years ago and bragging? Http://ERNIEandJESSE.com

@SethMacFarlane :: I got a feelin’. That tonight’s gonna be a “meh” night.

@JimmyKimmel :: stalking Mark Zuckerberg on facebook is like crank-calling Alexander Graham Bell. http://on.msnbc.com/enRBCD

@Kasee_ :: Me-“My ear hurts”. @QuinteroPro” cause you let dudes F*ck w/ur mind”.

@PeterGriffinn :: All my arguments are now settled with….Google that shit!

@spybite :: Bahaha so my dorm room is next to the bathroom & someone just fell & I heard it all LOL

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